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I never thought my dream of starting a pro-life association for midwives would ever come true, and yet here we are.

I started midwifery school not too long ago. I knew that I held a different worldview from many of my classmates and that it would be a challenge, but I had no idea what I was about to encounter. I didn’t realize that so many of my classmates, who were studying how to promote and preserve the health of mother and child, were also advocates for ending the lives of innocent pre-born children through abortion.

It surprised me to learn that the field of midwifery is actually very pro-abortion. Canadian Association of Midwives released a statement last year showing their unwavering support for this life-ending “service”. I could not wrap my mind around the contradiction. How could a person be so devoted to helping babies be born safely day in and day out and then suddenly and arbitrarily encourage someone to purposefully put that person’s child in such danger in such a way as to kill him or her?

Feeling completely alone and baffled at what to do, I went looking for a group of midwives who were not caught in this cloud of contradiction but who practiced a consistent form of midwifery – one that valued the life and safety of a child from the moment that child’s life began.

After asking around through some pro-life friends, I found two students who shared the same convictions and concerns. We talked about the difficulties we were facing and tried to seek help in navigating these concerns. We found support organizations for physicians but there was nothing for midwives. Without really thinking, I said, “Maybe we should create one then.”

We started gathering midwives and students together and before long, we had 15 members from across the country. Other organizations were so encouraging. One pro-life doctor told us, “You need a Pro-life Midwives Association! Just don’t quit!”

Since then we have registered as a federal not-for-profit organization and have collaborated with others to create strategies on how to move forward as well as simply connecting with other pro-life midwives and students from across the country.

It is so encouraging to meet others who share the same convictions and have the same questions. C.S. Lewis’ words truly resonate with me now: “Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .’” (1)Lewis, C. S. (1960). The four loves. London: G. Bles.

One of my personal hopes for this organization is that we can be an encouragement to pro-life individuals who are hoping to pursue midwifery as a career one day. If that’s you, know that we’re here for you. Each one of us is providing that compassionate and empowering care that we all love about midwifery, and we’re doing that in a way that is consistent with our call to protect life. You can too!

Join our supportive community.

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